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Discover your role

We all have a role in God's plan of redemption.  Jesus died to save the world from sin and then he called us all to take that good news to all people.  We've all heard the command, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."


..but if you're like most Christians, you just don't know where to begin, or what your role should be.  It's not fun waking up wondering if you're living the life God wants of you.  Feelings of guilt, questions like, "Am I doing enough?"  Wondering if you are really playing your part in building the kingdom. We understand how that feels, we've been there.  Let us help you find your role so you can live with purpose, knowing you are making a difference for Christ in this dark world.


The good news?  Well the gospel is good news, but this is nice news:  there are really only three main roles in God's global mission.  We are all called to either:



But what does that mean?  Go and send are pretty simple;


Goers pack bags, get trained, raise funds and, well, go!

Senders make it possible for others to go by investing a portion of their income into the kingdom abroad.  

Mobilizers help share the needs (both financial and for more goers) with others in the body of Christ, encouraging others to find and fulfill their role.  


If you would like to know about the specifics of our ministry here and what it could look like for you to come and serve either short or long term, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can to discuss possibilities.  If you would like to mobilize others, please let us know as well and we would be happy to talk about how you can take part in kingdom building in this way.  If you would like to help us continue our work with financial gifts, please click donate up at the top or bottom.  Whichever option you feel called to choose, please also send us a message, we would love to talk with you and be able to thank you.


Whatever your role, please be encouraged, each role is vital and all of them make building God's Kingdom here in Poland possible.  Whether you go, send or mobilize, remember that you are serving the Lord and He loves us to do so with a cheerful heart.  May God be glorified in all we do!



Success! Message sent. Thanks so much for taking the first step toward answering God's call for the lost of Poland! We'll be in touch shortly.

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